There are very special things about living on the First Coast, Ponte Vedra Beach and our fantastic beaches areas.  Clients coming from out of town in search of their new home often ask me what I love most about Ponte Vedra and the beaches so I decided to just share my top 10 with everyone.

  1. Our Beautiful Beaches!  Nothing compares to the white sandy shores of the First Coast.  From shark tooth hunting to just the serene peace of the ocean shore our beaches are like no other.
  2. The Weather!  Let's face it, winter is really about 3 weeks long in North Florida. We have a few days of bitter cold which to many is not even bitter but for the thin blooded southerners, it can be brutal.  Other than those 3 weeks, we bask in the sunshine and Vitamin D of the gorgeous sunshine state!
  3. The Fantastic Schools!  St. Johns County is ranked #1 in the state of 2018 Best School Districts in Florida.  
  4. UNF
  5. Fresh Seafood from Safe Harbor
  6. Beautiful State Parks
  7. Mom and Pop restaurants and shops
  8. historic st. Augustine
  9. my job
  10. southern hospitality